Most of my ideating happened in Procreate. I took the sketches I was happy with and brought them into Illustrator. I solidified the concepts and then cleaned up the line work to get a fun and simple feeling.
Backgrounds for these mockups were made in Photoshop. To keep a consistent presentation, I just utilized the same design motifs that I used on the packaging.
The cup holder design (pictured below) was done in Illustrator with a fully realized color palette. This was toned down in Photoshop to obtain a more cohesive look on the mockup product. (Note: The other side says, "Yee")
Simple animations, like the one pictured below were done in Photoshop. The logo animation was completed in After Effects. 
One of my favorite coffee shops in town has apparel that you can buy with the company logo on it, so I wanted to incorporate that into my project as well. Photo below provided by Ketut Subiyanto.
The characters were drawn in Procreate to get a loose and organic look. They were then converted into vectors in Illustrator, along with their labels. 
My initial concept (pictured below) aimed to combine some modern design aesthetics with some vintage color palettes and type settings. However, I found that my products and logo lacked cohesion. After (literally) going back to the drawing board, I found that simplifying the packages while having more fun with the logo, resulted in stronger visuals. As a result, the ideas pictured below were scrapped entirely, but it's still fun to look back and see how much this project grew for the better!
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